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Our company designs and develops technically advanced pumps & filter press for a number of industrial applications. We offer different types of pumps like centrifugal pumps, Screw pumps (progressive cavity pumps), High pressure pumps, diaphragm pumps, polypropylene pumps, Dosing & metering pumps ...etc

The pumps & filter press are widely used in various industries like Paper, Sugar, Chemicals, Food Stuffs, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Dyes, Textiles, Rubber, Environmental Engineering, De-Mineralized water etc. Heavy duty volute casing with essential foot and multi - ribbed discharge flange provide better-quality resistance to pipe loads and improves reliability. Back pullout design allows for removal of the rotating parts without disturbing the casing pipe work of motor to easy for regular maintenance. Stainless casted, different types of impeller for high efficiency performance, low running cost and life, impeller back vanes and covering design provides axial balance which reduces maintenance and downtime cost by extending seal and bearing reliability.

All process pumps can be supplied with gland packing compatible to the pumped liquid or with mechanical seal in the stuffing box having suitable connection for flow / cooling etc. Rotating parts made of EN steel & SS304, SS316, SS316L specification. Antifriction ball bearing, deep grooved heavy duty selected to provide maximum life.

Dedicated to innovation and advance, we are balanced for volatile growth and have stayed well ahead of markets by good quality of our products. We request you to enlist our name as one of your approved supplier of above mentioned items and forward us a valuable enquiries against your regular requirements which will be given prompt response at all times. Where every effort is stand for the pursuit to reveal what quality can encompass.

We make sure that our clients are satisfied with all aspect of our business and relationship by providing them quality in products, delivery, excellence service and price