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All flow engineering based in the industrial city of Coimbatore, we are manufacturers and Authorized distributors for different types of Industrial pumps & Filter press.

Centrifugal pumps to be used for transfer liquid by the change of rotating kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy of the liquid flow. The rotating energy naturally comes from a driven side by electric motor or engine. In typical case, the liquid enters into the pump impeller and flow comes out completely outward into a diffuser or casing.

A screw pump is a helical or a positive displacement pumps, it moves the liquid or solids along the screws axis with help of single or more screws. The screws are rotate in a cylindrical cavity, thereby a fluid moves along with a screws spindle. The pumps are used in various applications for handling different liquids vary from pure water to highly viscous fluids with more percentage of hard or soft compressible solid particles, which may be abrasive or corrosive in nature in all types of industries. We used different technology and technique screws rotate in opposite directions or remain stationary within a cavity.

A Plunger Pumps are reciprocating pumps the pressure range from 70 to1000 bars approx. where the high-pressure seal is stationary and a smooth cylindrical plunger slides through the seal. Which are normally arranged in 4 ways, they are indirect or direct-acting, simplex or triplex and single or double acting.

The best quality Filter Press supplying by us is used in separating solid and liquid slurries in the form of compressed cake by the use of pressure feeding. We supply our products which help to keep the environment clean and tidy by clearing up waste materials through Effluent Treatment Plants. We have different types of Filter presses which can be used according to the type of waste to be filtered after the production process. It is manufactured using high quality material the press is durable, reliable and easy to install and operate. It requires less maintenance and delivers maximum output. It can be used in different types of applications like Effluent treatment plant (ETP), Chemical, paper, pharma, food. .. Etc

All Flow Engineering products effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its quality and supply by identifying, understanding and managing all consistent processes. Our Quality Control involves and checks in all stages of manufacturing process in all resources.